Do you have an idea but need help to execute it?

Jincana is a platform that facilitates products and services to reach the market in safety. We want to liberate great ideas by applying a customer- centric approach to the process of new product development.

We develop ideas in rapid and simple stages to avoid the risk of overcommitting resources too early and allowing decisions to be made on a step-by-step process. You take the decisions and we execute them for you, reducing the waste in the development process.

We partner with our clients to provide our expertise and perform services in strategy, business development, marketing and technology.



We collaborate with founding members to become their operations team at the earlier stages, executing practical actions that build the path for a sustainable product development. Together, we focus in developing impactful solutions with a technology base and a solid market fit.


We partner with academic institutions to design and develop learning hubs in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, and we help create the necessary infrastructure to support relevant projects through acceleration services and partnerships with corporations.


We become the gateway to new products and technologies being developed in the epicenter of tech hubs in southern Europe. Corporations gain direct access to early stage startups that can benefit their businesses and bring innovation to their organizations through collaboration and partnerships.